Salvation of the Wild

Me and my Monsters, Trying to Escape

Haunted by Aesthetics


Gebroken Ruimte

Shadows of a Downfall


You took the wrong bus

Alles wat overbleef


Chasing something Mythical

Moving through the chaos of the neo-liberal era where everything seems to be about speed and functionality, I’m still chasing something Mythical. We live in a time where technology grows faster than ever and religion is no longer the base of society. Non-believers (like myself) are sometimes faced with a deep-rooted fear or emptiness. With the universal struggle with transiency, infinity and nihility.?

Religious people have their religion to ‘fill up the big hole’. Struggling with existential questions I sometimes feel lost. We could ask ourselves: did we lose a certain depth in our lives by abandoning religion?

In normal, daily life we are constantly inundated with fast images. We are addicted to ‘information snacks’ that the comprehensive internet is giving us. I often ask myself the question: Is there still any space in this hectic time for the ‘slowness’ of Art? Everything seems to be set up according to the demands of the consumer, so is art. Should everything in this world be easy and manageable? Or is it possible for some things to be truly inefficient, slow and full of layers? My work is an ode to slowness. I think that Art should fulfill the task to sweep people off their feet, make them quiet and connect them with their inner peace. That is why I try to include universal thematics like decay, transiency, emptiness, fundamental loneliness and the fear to be forgotten.

Sometimes I feel like I need to break out the framework in which I place myself. I feel like I need a break from these big depths of my mind. That is how I started the series of paintings Me and my
Monsters, Trying to Escape (2016) . At the moment of writing this, one year has passed since I finished those paintings. I realize now that there is no escape.

I can divide my latest work in two themes: Salvation of the Wild and Museum of the Mind. All my work
arises in my subconscious mind. There are landscapes in my dreams where I return time and time again. A land of rivers, bridges and swamps. Of bunkers and concrete. You cannot tell whether it is day or night. Natural structures opposing army shelters. The softness of water and plants versus the robustness of the Concrete. This mystical place will be the décor of the interpersonal
struggles that I want to display.

In 2017 I started the series of paintings titled Salvation of the Wild, a series that I’m still developing. The paintings include a lot of thematics which I find hard to capture in words. I’m again crawling through the deep forests of my mind, crawling through the mud. I have no choice, I cannot escape because something essential is hidden for me there. Somewhere.

So I’m back in the darker places. I have to keep looking.

Thera Clazing, 2018


Curriculum Vitae


3rd june to 5th june 2017

Host, Amersfoort
Group exhibition / Art manifestation

5th November to 25th November 2016

Me and my Monsters, Trying to Escape
Group exhibition, Kunstliefde Utrecht Curator and participating artist

10th september to 4th november 2016

Mission Impossible
Group exhibition, Kunstenlab Deventer

11th december to 25th december 2015

Matter Matters
Solo exhibition, TAC Eindhoven

23rd may  to 21th june 2015

Medio Prosper
Group exhibition de belofte, Kunstliefde Utrecht

11th april to 26th april 2015

Gebroken Ruimte
Solo exhibition, Moira Utrecht

7th march to 24th may 2015

Shadows of a Downfall
Solo exhibition, Kunsthal Rotterdam

7th november to 17th november 2015

Destillaat # 16
Group exhibition, Extrapool Nijmegen

26th june to 29th June 2014

Utrecht, Fine Arts
Eindexpositie Hogeschool van de Kunsten

23rd january to 2nd February 2014

Group exhibition Kunstpodium T, Tilburg
(student master project)

Nominations and Awards


Winner Kunstliefde Award


Nomination HKU-Award


April 2015

Publication Kunsthal Rotterdam


2010 - 2014

Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht, Bachelor of Fine Arts

February 2009 - july 2009

Facultad de Theatro, Mendoza, Argentina

July 2008 - December 2009

Escuela Bellas Artes Mendoza, Argentina

2003 - 2008

HAVO Scholengemeenschap de Amersfoortse Berg