About Me.

Visual artist and Holistic-Massage-Therapist

Thera Clazing

Welcome to the world of Thera Clazing, where creativity and healing intertwine seamlessly. As a visual artist, Thera’s creations emerge from the depths of her subconscious, reflecting universal truths and inviting viewers to explore their own humanity. Through her art, Thera seeks to connect, confront, and ultimately uplift, offering a mirror to the soul and a pathway to deeper understanding.

In parallel, Thera’s work as a holistic massage therapist echoes this journey of self-discovery and transformation. Through holistic deep-tissue massage, she guides clients on a profound exploration of body and mind, tapping into the innate wisdom held within. By acknowledging both the shadow and light aspects of existence, Thera facilitates healing and release, allowing the body’s self-healing capacity to flourish.

Whether through the therapeutic depths of deep-tissue massage or the gentle relaxation of holistic relaxation massage, Thera’s approach remains rooted in compassion and awareness. Each session is a journey of self-discovery, guided by techniques such as classical massage, deep tissue work, and energetic touch. Through this integrated approach, clients find relief from tension, a renewed sense of balance, and a reconnection with their true selves.

Join Thera on a transformative journey where art and healing converge, and discover the boundless potential that lies within.